Why buy organic?

We are passionate about babies.

When we had our first baby, Alice, we quickly realized how different the clothes that we had bought her in organic cotton felt when compared with the regular ones. They were softer than anything else (hence nicer for her super delicate newborn skin) but also washed better and consequently lasted longer (every mum knows the number of times you need to wash the same clothing piece... in the same week).

Then, of course, there is the sustainability question - organic cotton is indeed better for the environment. So it was very easy to decide a common nominator when projecting the launch of our little shop: we wanted to curate the most beautiful items, in the most natural materials.

Still not convinced?

Basically, this is why we should buy organic:

  • Organic materials are less aggressive for babies and children’s skin, because the creation process involves less toxic chemicals (the organic cotton is not treated, bleached or dyed);
  • Organic materials are a better long-term investment due to its quality and durability. While normal cotton shows signs of usage after a few washes, organic cotton can be washed up considerably more times before it shows any sign.
  • Not only due to its creation process, but also considering the waste reduction thanks to its durability, organic materials are much more eco-friendly.

But why are organic products more expensive?, you may ask...

  • The production of organic cotton is more expensive because it doesn’t involve pesticides or pre-treated seeds (which increases the speed of germination). The overall process is therefore slower and requires a more intense monitoring;
  • Because organic cotton represents only a small fraction of the market when compared with the industry that works with regular cotton, the produced quantities are fewer and therefore the prices of the final products are higher.

So many of us are already eating organic, let's wear organic as well. <3

Thanks for reading!