Textile handmade art for slow days¬†ūüĆĺ

This Summer, we’re happy to announce a guest brand on Little Adventurers. The talented Natalia from Grow Slow Studio has created four handmade, one of a kind, woven pieces exclusively for our store.

These small woven wall hangings are made of natural dyed yarn using avo pits and onion skin. The yard used in these came from mulesing-free farms and it's a blend of organic merino and BFL wool. 

Like us, Natalia takes the environment in consideration in everything she does and uses mostly natural materials, picking leftovers from one project onto the next one. 

For this project, she was inspired by the avocado that her baby loves to eat and reused something we normally throw out in to a bin (the pit). The same with the onion skin. 

It takes weeks to collect 'ingredients', days to dye it and hours to dry, but how amazing is the result?

Discover our small capsule collection of woven tapestries here and read bellow more about the lovely journey of Grow Slow Studio.

Tell us a bit about your path. How did you start weaving? 

I was desperately in need of doing something creative after my break from traveling as a photographer. Staying home with my new born baby, I fall in love with the idea of 'making pictures' using yarn. I purchased my first loom over the internet and fall in love immediately. 

How do you care about the environment through your work? 

I look for the right material, use mostly only natural materials and pick any leftover to see if I can use it for a smaller project or tie a piece with it together, or layer make a scrap yarn. With this project, I used avocado skin and pits because my baby loves to eat it and if I can reuse the stuff you would normally throw out in to a bin, just like we do with onion skin too, why not? It was a fun process, with a beautiful result. 

Its not just through my work though. Who knows me, knows that I live a simple life, buy good long lasting products and refuse one use plastic. I clean my household with naturally based cleaners, use natural cosmetics. I also have a minimalistic closet based on natural fibers and love to eat plant based food. That just a small part of it all. I wont bored you with details but I always believed that we need to start small, from our selfs, from our house. I know I am making a difference for my family, for them to live and play in a better environment and if I can educate my kids and people around me, to inspire them, to make a small change in their life, its like a domino effect.

How do you select the products you use to create your pieces?

I am drawn to certain colours at different stages of my life. I like to shop yarn in the shops rather then over the internet because I can feel it but I know sometimes the selection or quality is better in other countries so I buy it through there. I like to know as much about the fiber as I can. Love buying from transparent companies, some really tell you where the yarn comes from, where it was coloured and how. It makes it whole lot different then just pretty colours. I used some recycled yarns too and it feels wonderful to know you can give a second life to something like that. 

Tell us a bit more about the dying process: what natural ingredients do you use, how long does it take?

I only started to dye naturally but instantly fall in love with the process. I believe it's for people who have patience and lot of time. It takes weeks to collect 'ingredients', days to dye it and hours to dry it but I love seeingThe results. Its so satisfying but inspiring as well.  I am in very beginnings and still do not know a lot but it makes me feel a childlike. I used to play lots that I am a witch when I was small, and naturally dying my yarn is a pure magic

What’s your inspiration?

Nature, colours in the nature, my travels and photos I have taken. I love making rainbows, it gives me a joy and somehow make me feel better, happier and knowing people buy it to make their homes prettier.

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