Get to Know: Terezia from SillySilas

This little project has brought us many joys but still today the most amazing part of it is the connections we make. The other mamas that we get to know. Terezia is the lovely mumpreneur who runs SillySilas, our favorite brand of tights with braces.


We hope you enjoy getting to know her and her brand as much as we.

How Silly Silas was born?

I fell in love with the tights with braces when my first son Elias was born and my mom sent me a pair. It was a love at first sight, because they are so practical but also the most adorable garment I had ever seen.

I learnt from my parents that they used to be very popular when they were kids but then they already gone out of the style when I was a baby.  

I felt like it would be so nice to bring them to Sweden where I currently live as part of my Czech heritage and see if moms and dads elsewhere would like them the same way as I do. And I am so thankful that it turned out that they do 

What's the inspiration behind the brand?

The past, in short :) I love looking at old pictures of my parents when they were babies or old fashion magazines and discover smart clothing items from the past that might have been kind of 'forgotten' which is a big pity! I think a lot of clothes in the past had an ingenious practical design and were made carefully by people who cherish their work and craft and it was mirrored then naturally in the quality of the clothes! And Silly Silas strives to bring them back in a new modern (still retro:) way! 

Tell us a bit about the materials of your tights and the overall style that you’ve chosen for your brand (from the design of the tights to your packagaging).

Our tights are made from 100% cotton and this was very important to us to use only natural fibres. Thanks to that the tights are very soft and can be used even by babies with the most sensitive skin. 

Thanks to the old traditional technology we are using,  our tights are made only from cotton but still nicely stretchy which is actually quite unique. 

And on top of it, they are certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 at the Class 1 level, the most rigorous certification designed specifically for newborns through toddlers up to the age of three.

The packaging is very special to my heart as it is designed by my dear friend who is in my view a graphic designer genius :) I really wanted to bring the retro feeling all the way through and make the packaging the way it looked in the past. So we talked to our parents, went through a hundreds of visuals from the old advertisements and came to the final design that I am so in love with!:)

How do you choose your colour palette?

The colour palette is a bit of mixture of the very authentic colours my parents still remember (as the popular Light Brown) to bright new colours that I love to see on my kids (as yellow).

We have in mind already a number of new additions. 

If you could describe Silly Sillas in just a few words...

Comfy & practical and the favourite playwear for the babies and toddlers

Tell us a bit about yourself, your family and your daily routine.

I am a mom of 2 adorable hyperactive boys that make my everyday magic!

Originally I come from Czech Republic (from where the tights with braces originate) but have lived in Stockholm, Sweden for about 7 years now. 

We are a bit of international family as my husband is from Mexico so our home is mixed with 4 languages, a lot of beautiful traditions from each culture and a lot of fun!

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