Get to Know: Adele from Kids of April

Don't remember exactly how I found out about Kids of April but I know with was love at first sight. The colours, the fabrics, the styles and the quality of every content - everything was perfect. It was my dream brand. So the pleasure of having Kids of April here at Little Adventurers is enormous. 


Discover more about the brand and its lovely founder, Adele.

How Kids of April was born?

It all started when I became a mother. Motherhood gave me inspiration as well as time to put my passions and dreams into action. And so the Kids of April was born.

Tell us a bit about the materials you use and the style that you’ve chosen and your brand.

Kids of April is all about simplicity - the ease to dress up and the freedom to explore this big, big world. I believe that natural fibers and fabrics are the best choice for our children as they are breathable and easy on the skin. Every fabric is handpicked to wear and wash beautifully.

What do you have in mind preparing your pieces?

Comfort is always in the first place in my mind when designing our pieces. I also believe that less is always more so I’m trying to create minimal designs that can be easily mixed and matched.

What’s your inspiration?

My biggest inspiration and helper is my son Dovas.

If you could describe Kids of April in a few words…

Simple, natural and comfortable.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your family and your daily routine.

I’m an introvert so I just love working from the comfort of my home. We’re a family of three and my son will start school this fall. I guess this will change our daily routine but for now, we’re just living slow and enjoying our last days of summer.