• Get to Know: Terezia from SillySilas

    This little project has brought us many joys but still today the most amazing part of it is the connections we make. The other mamas that we get to...
  • Get to Know: Adele from Kids of April

    Don't remember exactly how I found out about Kids of April but I know with was love at first sight. The colours, the fabrics, the styles and the qu...
  • Textile handmade art for slow days 🌾

    This Summer, we’re happy to announce a guest brand on Little Adventurers. The talented Natalia from Grow Slow Studio has created four handmade, one...
  • Packaging, packaging, packaging

    I'm a total sucker for packaging. I'm pretty sure my daughter will be one of those kids that prefer to play with the box than with the toy inside it.
  • Why buy organic?

    When we had our first baby, Alice, we quickly realized how different the clothes that we had bought her in organic cotton felt when compared with the regular ones.